Gordon is the founder of the modern hard rock band, IMAGES OF EDEN but has also worked with many other acts on a "for hire" basis.

Gordon has been a musician, vocalist, songwriter/ composer of more than 25 years. He started playing guitar at age 13, then decided to learn other instruments as well (bass guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals). Over the next 10 years, Gordon played in multiple bands, focusing on honing his skills / tweaking his style and generally “finding himself” as a musician. He received formal vocal training in college from a classically trained opera singer as well as one on one guitar instruction, learning technique and theory, so he has vast musical knowledge as well.

Since 1996, Gordon has worked with many projects and has gained extensive studio and live experience. He has worked with artists from many different genres/ styles- from rock/ metal (including many of its subgenres- progressive, power, symphonic, thrash, traditional, etc.), to gospel, R&B and even Celtic/ new age. This variety of styles/ genres has really pushed him out of his comfort zone and forced him to really become a very diverse musician/ vocalist.

Finally, after parting ways with a band in 1998, Gordon knew it was time to bring his vision to life without having it diluted or compromised. In September 1999, he went into the studio with a session drummer to record the debut IMAGES OF EDEN CD (CHAPTER I). The goal was to fully produce a CD with his own original material playing all of the instruments himself (except drums) as well as design the artwork. The final product would then be used to carefully select musicians to complete the full-time lineup. This was the birth of the band IMAGES OF EDEN and only the beginning...

IMAGES OF EDEN is now working on their 4th and most important release to date. Stay tuned for more details.