NOTE- Gordon's full-time band is Images of Eden. Everything else is done on a "for-hire" basis.

BORN OF FIRE- DEAD WINTER SUN (CD- November 4, 2014, Vinyl LP- February 13, 2015)- Released on Pure Steel Records, this is the 2nd full-length CD for the AZ-based power-metal band, and long-awaited follow up to 2012,s "Anthology". This CD is for fans of Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Fates Warning, etc.

Visit Born of Fire's official website at for more information on the band or visit PURE STEEL RECORDS for purchasing info.

CURT SHAW- ADVERSITY 2016- I recorded vocals for 4 tracks- "Immortalized", "Angel Devil", "Room Without A View" and "Faces In The Sky". I had done some shows with Curt's previous band in the early Images of Eden days.

Visit Curt's official website at for more information.

ALL TOO HUMAN- JUGGERNAUT (Released- June 4, 2013)- This is the 3rd release for the TX-based melodic prog-metal band, All Too Human, and long-awaited follow up to 2003's Entropy- featuring Derek Sherinian (Ex-Dream Theater on Keyboards. The track, "Never Enough" was featured in the Harlem In Havana documentary trailer. This CD is for fans of Iron Maiden, Tool, Alice In Chains, Soilwork, etc.

Visit All Too Human's official website at for more information on the band.

CHARLEMAGNE- THE OMENS OF DEATH (Released- May 27, 2013)- I have finished recording vocals on the song "The Ultimate Sacrifice" as the character, "Orlando", in the 2nd part of this symphonic-metal concept CD- the follow up to part I- "By The Sword And The Cross". The lead character or Charlemagne is sung by actor Christopher Lee (yes, that Christopher Lee... from "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, the most recent Peter Jackson film "The Hobbit", as well as many old classic horror movies).

Visit the official Charlemagne website at for more information on the project.

HARLEM IN HAVANA- A documentary film by Leslie Cunningham. (coming soon)- I am working with independent filmmaker, Leslie Cunningham, as the music director for the documentary film, Harlem In Havana. I am in charge of writing several original songs for the film as well as the background music that will be featured throughout. Harlem In Havana took place from 1935-1967 and is known as "the greatest 'brown-skinned' entertainment revuew in American history that showcased countless black and latin entertainers and influenced popular culture across North America."

Visit the official Harlem in Havana website at for more information on the film.

VINNIE PEREZ- Solo CD (Released- February 2012)- I recorded vocals for a track called "Haunting Me" for Vinnie's solo project. Vinnie is also the drummer of Dread The Forsaken.

Visit the ReverbNation site for Vinnie Perez at Vinnie Perez- ReverbNation for more information.

BROCKMANN/ ANDRADE- AIRS- A ROCK OPERA (Released- February 29, 2012)- Based on the novel "AIRS" currently being written by George Andrade, this CD is a concept "rock opera" that describes a journey of redepmtion/ making amends for wrongdoings. The lyrics were written by Andrade and the music was written and produced by multi-instrumentalist, Steve Brockmann. This CD features multiple vocalists and musicians, including Dave meros and Alan Morse (Spock's Beard). I play the lead character, "Owen" in 5 songs, "Grounded I", "Grounded II", "Heritage", "Current Events" and "Experiements".

Visit Brockmann/Andrade's official website at for more information on the band.

THE ANABASIS- BACK FROM BEING GONE (Released- January 17, 2012)- This is a progressive rock, history-based concept CD led by Barry Thompson of RI, USA along with Author George Andrade (Brockmann/ Andrade). I do lead vocals on one song and backing choir on the majority of the CD. Several tracks feature Ryo Okumoto from Spock's Beard.

Visit The Anabasis' official website at for more information on the band.

SPIRITUS MUNDI- AMERICAN DYSTOPIA (Released- December, 2011)- American Dystopia is a very agressive, politicially-charged CD led by brainchild, Michael Wopshall, from Sylvania, OH. It lashes out at all of the attrocities of the USA- the corrupt government, the brainwashing from the American media, conspiracy theories, societal slavery/ bondage, and much more. Definitely for fans of old Peter Steele (Carnivore, early Type-O Negative), Overkill and Slayer.

Visit Spiritus Mundi's official website at for more information on the band.

ALL TOO HUMAN- THORN IN MY SIDE (single) (Released- October, 2011)- This is the first single from the upcoming All Too Human CD, "Juggernaut" and is available thru iTunes directly.

Visit All Too Human's official website at for more information on the band.

IMAGES OF EDEN- REBUILDING THE RUINS (Released- March 1, 2011)- Images of Eden's 3rd release, "Rebuilding the Ruins", combines a very dynamic sound with a wide range of metal/ hard rock styles, ranging anywhere from rock to power metal. The CD combines thought-provoking, inspirational lyrics, stellar musicianship with complex compositions and an honest and powerful vocal delivery, keeping the technical and unpredictable aspect alive but with very accessible hooks and melodies, picking up where the previous release, Sunlight of the Spirit" left off.

This 74 minute concept CD was mastered by Grammy-nominated producer, Eric Zimmermann (Fates Warning, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Buckcherry, etc.).

The track, "Dreams Unbroken" was featured in the trailer for an indie film "Choices" By Sean Ryan. This CD was also #7 for the top 10 CDs released in 2011 as noted by Sean Meloy from Metal Express Radio.

Visit Images of Eden's official website at for more information on the band.

IMAGES OF EDEN- TRIBAL SCARS (single) (Released- March 1, 2011)- "Tribal Scars" is the Images of Eden single from the "Rebuilding the Ruins" CD, and pays tribute to our US troops who never make it home from their wars (or have the misfortune of bringng their wars home with them). The song is accompanied by a promo video on my AUDIO & VIDEO page. The CD single features both the CD and radio edits of the song as well as an unreleased track called "When Heaven Sleeps".

Visit Images of Eden's official website at for more information on the band.

DREAD THE FORSAKEN- UNBOUND (Released- November 23, 2010)- Unbound is the debut CD from my band from Guatemala City, Guatemala. Dread The Forsaken combines classic power and traditional metal with modern thrash and metalcore elements. This is a highly energetic sound with raw intensity, fast drumming, frantic guitar riffing and catchy vocal hooks. Definitely for fans of Disturbed, Godsmack and Mudvayne to early Anthrax and Iron Maiden.

The song, "Give Me Wounds" was included on "Auditory Assault II" compilation released by Bare Metal Records. A large quantity of these CDs were sent to the MSO for our troops overseas in Iraq/ Afghanistan and all sales proceeds are to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Visit Dread The Forsaken's Facebook Page for more information on the band.

GALEXIA- (self-titled) (Released- Fall 2007)- I recorded vocals for a multi-musician concept CD, led by songwrtiter, producer, Kenneth Spaziani. The CD also features Arjen Lucassen (Aryeon), Marko Eskola (Farmakon) and Damain Wilson (Threshold). I appeared on the tracks, "Paroxsym Throe' and "Satellite".

IMAGES OF EDEN- SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT (Released- November 21, 2006)- Images of Eden's 2nd release, "Sunlight of the Spirit", is a spiritually uplifting concept CD about dealing with/ moving past the rougher times in life and finding your inner peace. It also picks up right where "Chapter I" left off. This was the first "official" international release by Images of Eden. The CD also hit #17 on the CMJ (College Music journal) charts for the month of December, 2006, thanks to Mark Blair Glunt of Silent Plant Promotions.

Visit Images of Eden's official website at for more information on the band.

IMAGES OF EDEN- CHAPTER I (Released- March 5, 2001)- This is the debut Images of Eden CD where I recorded all of the instruments except for the drums. This was used to form the full time lineup of Images of Eden. It was originally a "Self-titled" but was later renamed as "Chapter I" due to it being the first part in a 3 part musical trilogy. Several of these songs were written when I was in my previous band, Midnight's Tide.

Visit Images of Eden's official website at for more information on the band.

MIDNIGHT'S TIDE- IN THE BEGINNING (demo) (Released- Summer 1998)- I recorded this 4 song demo in 1998 to begin the process of forming a band (which later became Images of Eden). The songs included are "Edge of the Ocean", "September", "Brave Horse" and "Dawn (Another Sunrise)" which were later re-recorded for Images of Eden's Chapter I.

This demo is out of print. Digital files available upon request.

BURNING AMBITION- SLEEPING GIANTS WAKEN (demo) (Released- Summer 1991)- This 7 song demo was the 2nd recorded recorded by Burning Ambition and just before the band broke up.

This demo is out of print.

BURNING AMBITION- FIRE FROM WITHIN (demo) (Released- Summer 1990)- This is the first demo I ever recorded (age 17), and with my high school band, Burning Ambition (a very primitive 80's pseudo progressive-metal).

This demo is out of print.